Special Time

Nov 14, 2016

Many parents who work Special Time into each day with his or her child express that they see significant changes in their child’s behavior. Parents often say that their child seems to respond as if they’ve been missing an essential nutrient.  In a way, they have…Special Time heals the upsets and disconnections of daily modern life.  It probably sounds too easy, but special time reconnects you with your child and gives your child your exclusive and undivided attention for a period of time. How often does that happen in this busy, stressful world? Read more to find out strategies for introducing special time in your home!

- Announce that you will have ten minutes a day with each of your children. Call it by your child's name, like Violet Time or Sam Time, so they can feel ownership and excitement!
- Set up a schedule or look for a time when another caregiver is present to watch your other children. Ensure all of your children know the schedule so they are aware their time with you is coming soon!
- Set a timer. Turn off your phone and eliminate as many distractions as possible. Be present for ten minutes and add more time as you go if it doesn't seem like enough.
- Follow your child's lead during their special time. Watch your little one with every bit of your attention and try to avoid jumping in to fix things! Just use this time to be present and acknowledge your child for who she is.
- End special time when the timer buzzes. It's important to end at the agreed upon time so your child understands your boundaries. Handle frustrations with empathy and understanding, but stick to the original timeframe.

Parents often see a positive change with their children's behaviors when they add special time because it allows their children to have a regular opportunity to engage. Children love having your attention and you are allowing them the time to express themselves and to play with you! This lets children know they matter, they are important, and you value your relationship with them.  We think of it as filling their cup!

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