Carla Johanns

As the Clinical Supervisor of the Child & Family Therapy services at Forty Carrots, Carla Johanns is overseeing a group of therapists and supporting the expansion of mental health services throughout the community.

Carla has Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from New York University and a Master's of Arts in Counseling from Montclair State University. She has a Post-Master’s specialization in substance abuse counseling.  Carla has worked in the counseling field since 1999, primarily with children and adolescents. She is licensed in Florida as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, LMHC.

Carla started her career as a Clinical Intern at the Mental Health Association of Essex County in Montclair, New Jersey.  After receiving her Master’s degree, she was offered a position at the Mental Health Association to work in their Intensive Family Supportive Services Department.  During this time, Carla worked primarily with children providing mental health counseling in schools throughout the county.  She worked with children individually, but also facilitated psychosocial groups that focused on different topics such as social skills, depression, and anxiety.

In the 2 years following 9/11, she worked primarily as a Grief and Loss Support Counselor with families who had lost a loved one in the WTC terror attacks.   This position expanded further into the community and Carla was able to offer these services to families who had lost a loved one due to violence. 

In 2008, she accepted a position as a Mental Health Therapist at St. Benedict’s Prep School, an all-boys school in Newark, NJ.  During her tenure there, she helped develop a Counseling Center at the school, offering counseling services not only to the students, family, and staff of the school, but also to the surrounding community.  Through this Counseling Center, Carla was able to provide individual, family and group counseling as well as supervise an intensive Behavior Modification Program for at-risk young men.

In 2011, Carla started her own private practice where she was able to provide therapy to adults, children, and adolescents.  At this time, Carla also returned to work at the Mental Health Association of Essex County as a therapist in their Center for Low Cost Psychotherapy. She relocated to Sarasota with her family in 2015 and has been working in the Parenting Program, at Forty Carrots since 2016.