A Memorable Childhood

Apr 28, 2017

Children's memories are enhanced through experience, which is one of the many reasons we encourage parents to play with their children and strive to make special time a part of your daily routine. All parents want to be remembered for the positive experiences they have with their children. Here are a few ideas on ways to ensure you are a "memorable" parent:

  • Decide what kind of parent you want to be. It may sound simple, but set goals and make priorities.
  • Teach your child things you wish you learned as a child, but also keep in mind that each child is unique and she may have her own priorities on what she finds important.
  • Take time to learn from your children. They can teach you as much as you teach them!
  • Love them with everything you have, but also let them be loved by other family members and important figures. Children can never have too much love.

These simple ideas can help your children remember their childhood in the best way possible. The first few years of life are a wonderful time to start to create a foundation of love and trust.  Delight has a special spot in creating memories.  Being delighted in is hugely important for babies and toddlers and is a central building block for secure attachment.  Delight lets our children know that our love is not based on what they are doing, but who they are!  

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