New and Old Traditions

Dec 09, 2016

Traditions are a fun way to teach your children about your own childhood and your family history. You can also include other family members in discussing memories to make those old traditions seem new again. 

With the holidays and the New Year just around the corner, this can also be the perfect time of year to think about any new traditions you want to incorporate in your family.

Here are a few things families have shared about their traditions during PIP Classes at the libraries with our Parenting Educators:

Share family stories or songs
Sing a lullaby that a family member sang to you or read a story that was your favorite as a little one. Your child would love to hear you talk about your memories, it can be a funny story, interesting place you have visited, the origin of the names of the family. 

Enjoy a special meal time tradition
Maybe you can make pancakes every Sunday or waffles every Saturday. Choose something you love as a family and make it into a memorable routine that your child enjoys. 

Remember to have fun along the way
If you loved baking cookies as a child and you make those same cookies with your children, but they don’t like them, don’t let it get you down. They will have a lasting memory of time spent with you in the kitchen!  

Including your child in family traditions is a great way to continue growing a special bond with them.  Years from now, your little ones will be able to remember those special times they had with you!

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