Encouraging Relationships

Dec 05, 2016

The holiday season is often a time spent with family members and friends, creating special memories together. However, parents have shared with us that when the holidays are over, it can be challenge to keep children connected if you are not in the same city.  

We have created a list with a few suggestions that can help encourage relationships when family or friends cannot be physically present in your child’s life regularly.

  • Write letters or draw pictures – Make it into a fun activity and mail it to your loved one.
  • Take pictures when you are together – Talk to your little ones about times that you were all together. Look at the pictures together and tell stories! Make the most out of those visits and help your child form fun memories that will last.
  • Stay in touch – Encourage your child to send artwork or letters even via email to share what they are doing and learning.  
  • Make plans together – Talk to your child about the next time you will be together and come up with things that you can look forward to doing together.
  • Make gifts – Heartfelt gifts can reaffirm a bond between your loved one and your child.
  • Record a special memory, like singing a song or reading a book – That way they can continue to participate even on a bedtime retinue.

Supportive and warm relationships are so important for the growth and development of your child. You can use these ideas to nurture those important moments between your child and your loved ones and continue strengthening that special bond throughout the year. 

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