Giving and Receiving During The Holidays

Nov 21, 2016

The holiday season is such a wonderful and fun time for your children. However, sometimes it may bring up concerns regarding giving and receiving gifts. Parents have asked us, “What if my child becomes accustomed to receiving presents?” or “How can I teach my children to be grateful for gifts, while also teaching them to find joy in giving to others?”. Here are a few simple ways that can help your child understand the meaning of exchanging gifts during the holiday season: 

Talk to your child about the meaning behind a gift

Explain to your child that a gift often means that the person was thinking of her and wanted to make her feel special. If your child understands the importance of the thought behind the gift, then she will be more likely to show gratitude for any gifts she receives.

Write thank you notes together

If your child is too young, spend time writing the notes together and ask your child what he really likes about the gift to make sure you include it in the note. You can even have your child personalize the note with a few scribbles.

Include your child in gift giving

Let your child help you pick out “the perfect gift” for someone or have them make a gift for a family member. Make sure your little one is present when the gift is given. Seeing happiness when a gift is received is very rewarding and your child will learn how great it feels to give to others.  

Another great way to encourage a giving spirit is to volunteer or donate to one of the many charities in our community during this holiday season. It can be as easy as encouraging your child to donate outgrown clothes and toys to those in need. Research shows that talking to your children about how we give back -- everything from our money to our time -- and whom we give back to -- goes a long way in building a generous spirit in children.

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