Stimulating Brain Development in the First Five Years

Sep 15, 2016

Stimulating Brain Development in the First Five Years

There are so many programs, books, and articles telling you how to make your child “smarter,” but what they really need to grow healthy and happy is you! The way you love and respond to your child provides the best environment for her to begin exploring her environment, which is the best way she can learn during her first few years of life. Cuddling, loving on, singing, rocking, and talking are exactly what your baby needs for their brain development!

Here are a few tips to help you ensure your child’s brain is stimulated on a daily basis:

  • Touch your baby: Touching your baby helps brain cells connect, so don’t be afraid to hold and cuddle your baby.
  • Respond to your baby’s needs: Your baby will feel safe and secure when she knows you are going to meet her needs. She will learn to trust you and she will understand the importance of forming relationships to other people and the world around her.
  • Talk to your child: Language is linked to your child’s ability to read. You may feel silly, but narrate everything you are doing. You are building your child’s language with every word that she hears.
  • Read with your child: It’s never too early to start reading to your child. When she is a baby, this doesn’t always mean reading a whole book with your baby on your lap. Start small with a page or two. Use picture books to make up your own story!
  • Sing with your child: Music helps your child make brain connections that are used to solve math problems. If you don’t know any songs, drop into one of our classes and see how easy they are to learn. Our parenting educators are happy to help!
  • Play with your child: Play with your child. Share different experiences and toys with her so that she will make new and varying connections. Play is serious work and it is so important for those little minds!

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