About Michelle Kapreilian, Executive Director

Michelle brought years of first-hand involvement with Forty Carrots Family Center along with two decades of business leadership experience to the position of Executive Director in June 2013. Her Forty Carrots knowledge includes extensive volunteer efforts as a parent in the Parenting Program and Preschool; several key leadership positions as a four-year trustee, board officer and chairwoman of the Governance Committee. Michelle's professional background includes leading a multimillion-dollar international import business and co-owner/ CEO of several local businesses.

In 2001, Michelle and her husband Eddie decided to make the move from Boston to Sarasota. Anxious to get involved in their new community, they came to Forty Carrots to attend a PIP class in the Parenting Center not knowing what an impact that one class would make on their entire family. Michelle quickly became an avid volunteer and long-term supporter. Their first child would continue on in the Preschool at Forty Carrots and then their second daughter would do the same. All the while, Michelle's passion would remain with the Forty Carrots mission and she now leads the organization and their dedicated staff.